12 Crazy Facts About the Human Brain That May Be Hard to Believe

brain illustration
Losing sleep can have the same effects on you as alcohol. It probably won’t lower your inhibitions or make you more sociable, but going 48 hours without sleep will impair your “cognitive abilities to the same degree as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1%, above the legal limit for driving in every state.” Source:…

What is Eidetic Memory?

There has recently been an influx of discussion and questions about eidetic memory within the world of psychology. According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology, eidetic memory is “abundant and unusually vivid visual recall.” This has led to people linking eidetic memory to photographic memory, a phenomenon that scientists have said is an entirely different ability…

Can Vitamins and Supplements Improve Your Memory?

vitamins and supplements
Science and research have produced medicines that cure conditions that were once thought to be incurable: eliminating an infection or disease is often as simple as taking a pill. Unfortunately, a pharmaceutical solution is not yet available for every malady, and memory loss is among those for which a cure is still being sought. As…

Brain Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are often praised for their positive impact on physical health. They reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, are essential to the healthy development of infants and children, help control autoimmune disease symptoms, and may even protect against cancer (Harvard School of Public Health). However, one of the most promising and…

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