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When Should You Seek Medical Attention for Confusion and Altered Alertness?

Everyone suffers from memory lapses and forgetfulness from time to time. But when does it become serious, and when should you consider seeking medical attention for your memory loss? The first thing that pops into people’s minds when they think of memory loss in older people is Alzheimer’s Disease, but you should never jump to…

Memory Loss Caused by Meningitis

One reason someone could experience memory loss is due to an inflammatory issue called meningitis. Meningitis is defined as inflammation of the membranes that cover your spinal cord and brain. These protective membranes, called “meninges,” can become inflamed for a variety of reasons, but is considered a life threatening, medical emergency due to the fact…

How Can Depression and Other Mental Illnesses Cause Memory Loss?

It’s nothing new to learn that sadness and stress can lead to depression, but what else can depression and other mental illnesses do to your body? Depression, anxiety, and stress are three of the most typical mental illnesses and disorders that are associated with the loss of memory and decline in memory recall performance. When…

Memory Supplements: DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine)

DMAE, which stands for dimethylethanolamine, is an organic compound that is used to enhance mental alertness and clear thinking. It is a supplement better known in Europe as the product “Deanol,” which has been used for decades to promote better cognitive functioning, lessen memory loss, and is even being used for skin health as well.…

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