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Using Music for Better Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients

Can music help Alzheimer’s patients remember better? That’s what researchers are trying to find out. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common forms of dementia. Essentially, certain nerve cells in the brain die, making it difficult for the individual to transmit brain signals clearly. This causes problems with memory loss, judgment, disorientation, and thinking.…

Recalling Memories Through Your Sight

Do you have a photographic memory? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you remember everything you see; it just means that you, like many others, remember things better through visual images. This is why companies advertise on television, bulletin boards, magazines, etc. People are more likely to remember something that they’ve seen than something by any other means.…

How Stress Affects Your Memory

Stress and anxiety are not only bad for your body, but they are horrible news for your brain, too. In fact, stress and anxiety can affect your memory–your ability to maintain memories, recall memories, and even form new ones. Being stressed or anxious can affect the ability of your brain to function at its best.…

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