8 Incredible Women in Neurology That Changed the Game

female scientists
Depending on someone’s age and exposure, when they hear the word ‘scientist’ they may automatically picture a man. But the number of women in science continues to rise, and with it that preconception will likely diminish. How quickly is it changing? The National Science Foundation says that 43 percent of scientist and engineers under the…

Do Brain Games Really Work?

playing brain games
When it comes to improving physical performance, we humans generally have two options: we can engage in specific exercises chosen for their ability to strengthen our muscles, increase our speed, and facilitate oxygen uptake, or we might turn to some kind of performance-enhancing supplement.  Those methods have proven effective for just about every organ and…

The Method of Loci (AKA Memory Palace Technique) – What You Need to Know

memory palace
When some people say they have a bad memory, they’re referring to their ability – or inability – to remember a specific event that happened in their life. This is called episodic memory. By contrast, when people are trying to commit a series of facts to memory, as they often do when they are studying…

The Truth About Repressed Memories

hypnosis session
The question of whether repressed memories actually exist has sparked tremendous controversy in the mental health community over the last thirty years. Described as memories that the mind has blocked as a protective measure against awareness of trauma, repressed memories came to the forefront of many notorious legal battles involving allegations of child sexual abuse…

The Rote Learning Method – What You Need to Know

Rote learning is a memory method that involves repeating information over and over again. Also known as drilling, or more officially as distributed practice, it has been used in classrooms around the world to teach young children basics such as the alphabet and multiplication tables. Older learners use rote to encode a range of facts…

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