How Does Meditation or Yoga Help Improve Your Memory?

It has been proven over time that stress can cause lapses in memory, and can also cause you to become more forgetful and less accurate in your memory recall. Why is this? Because stress affects certain parts of your brain that will hinder the growth and formation of new neurons, which makes it difficult to retain certain memories. Chronic, high levels of stress can affect the brain and cause damage to some of its parts that will cause degeneration in the memory levels themselves.

Exercise in general is beneficial for not only keeping a healthy body, but also for keeping your brain in good shape. It does this by lowering the levels of stress you experience, and therefore can help make situations and memories easier to keep stored in your brain. Whether it’s calm, relaxing meditation or complex poses in yoga, certain exercises are perfect for creating peace and relaxation for you, and thus, reducing the amount of stress hormones you experience.

Although stress is something that we will always experience, you can do certain things to control the amount of stress you deal with. This will help you relax and improve your memory so you can function at your best!

Meditation and yoga are not performed strictly for their memory benefits, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering such practices in your daily life. Relaxing exercises such as these can help the formation of neurons in your brain to help you remember things and “build a better brain.”