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https://www.improvememory.org strives to provide its visitors with the best memory-related content on the web. We also aim to point those suffering from memory loss in the right direction with a variety of reputable web resources. Please understand that our content is not created by doctors, and we are not permitted to provide medical advice to anyone.

Our goal is to provide free resources which can help people better understand memory. We also provide interactive brain games which we believe can be beneficial and fun for both children and adults.

Why We’re Different

  • All of our games are free, and don’t require any form of sign-up to access.
  • All of our games are accessible on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • All of our new blog content (after December 5, 2016) is thoroughly researched and includes citations from reputable sources.
  • Despite being a completely free resource, we only display a maximum of one advertisement per game and blog post.

Regarding Blocked and Unblocked Games

Some school systems and organizations make use of various security technologies designed restrict access to websites deemed inappropriate or unproductive. Many of these technologies are automated, and can often mislabel websites as malicious based on keywords in their URL or other similar attributes. If you find that you are able to access https://www.improvememory.org at home but are unable to access it at work, please ask your network or systems administrator to add the URL to the organization’s white list.

Note: Due to the constantly evolving study of the brain, the information presented on this website may become outdated. You can help keep the information up to date by emailing us and letting us know which facts you disagree with (please provide a source) and we will do our best to revise the content.

Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamins and supplements or making drastic lifestyle changes.

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