Tricky Cups Game

Tricky Cups

This game is a variation on an old classic that was meant to test a player’s focus and concentration. Tricky Cups adds to this challenge by requiring the player to remember the locations of multiple coins after they’ve been moved.

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Track the Balls Game

Track the Balls

This is another memory game that starts off very easy but escalates into a serious challenge after several stages. Keep your visual memory in top shape by trying to follow the balls moving across the sky.

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Pattern Memory Game

Pattern Memory I

Pattern Memory is a classic for good reason. This game is both fun and challenging – getting the pattern wrong will place you back at level 1. Climbing back to the higher levels could be time consuming so make sure you flip the right block!

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The New One Game

Fruit Memory

Fruit Memory is one part mating game and one part speed clicking game. Your thumb might be sore after this one if you’re on mobile 🙂

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Ball Drop Game

Ball Drop

Ball Drop is a great combination of memory and logic puzzles. First the player has to retain the amount bars and their positioning, then figure out which way the ball will roll. While the latter portion may not be difficult, combining it with the first task can be tricky!

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Count Sheep Game

Count the Sheep II

Count the Sheep II begins easily enough, but after a few levels starts to challenge not just your memory, but also your attention. Make sure to keep track of the exiting sheep to arrive at the correct answer.

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Balls and Boxes Game

Balls & Boxes

Put your concentration and visual memory to the test by keeping track of the positions. This game escalates things pretty quickly once you get past a few levels.

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Sequence Memory Game


Sequence Memory is a game that starts to get difficult for most people after the 2nd or 3rd level. Many people will require practice to move forward. If you can *easily* get past level 4 of this game, consider yourself above average.

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Memory III Game

Memory III

Try to remember the locations of matching colors while they briefly appear on the screen. The less moves it takes to complete each level, the better. Getting a color mismatch will result in a point deduction!

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Pattern 2 Game

Pattern Memory II

Once you’ve mastered the first Pattern game, move on to part two which increases the amount of colors you have memorize. Not only does the amount of squares increase, but blocks of pink and yellow are added to the figure to make this game more challenging than the first.

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The New One Game

The New One

This is a tough brain game that many people might struggle to complete. Don’t worry if you don’t finish, getting all the way to level 15 is a serious accomplishment!

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