PowerBlocks Game


Powerblocks is one of ImproveMemory.org’s most popular brain games. The difficulty progressively increases as you complete more and more levels. While it may seem simple to fit all the blocks in the space, don’t be surprised at how tricky it can be.

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Reorder Game


Reorder is not for feint-of-heart. In fact, it might be our toughest brain game. Even if you’re good enough to complete the 3×3 level, the jump to 4×4 and 5×5 can seem like an exponential increase in difficulty.

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Tronix Brain Game


If you’re a fan of geometry, then Tronix is the game for you. Drag the shape around by the circles to try and untangle the image and prevent the any lines from intersecting. It’s harder than you think!

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True Number Game

True Number

True number is an awesome math game that starts out easy then escalates the difficulty to see if you still remember those multiplication tables from primary school. Don’t let the pressure of the ticking clock throw you off!

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Reflector Game


Reflector is an awesome geometry game that’s fun as well as challenging. The first few puzzles might not give you trouble, but completing the game is not for the feint of heart.

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The Sudoku Game


One of the most beloved puzzle games of all time, Sudoku is difficult to put away once you get started. Choose your difficulty and see how quickly you can fill in every row and column. This number-placement puzzle is a classic for a reason!

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Miner Block Game

Miner Block

Get the cart filled with gold out of the mine by moving the rocks out of the way. Try your best to make as few moves as possible in order to earn the most points.

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Four Letter Words Game

Four Letter Words

Four Letter Words can be considered a “distant cousin” of the classic word game Boggle. Use the available word bank to create words that are four letters long before the time runs out.

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Tap Operator Game

Tap Operator

Besides training your math skills, Tap Operator also proves that simple arithmetic can become much more difficult when combined with a countdown timer.

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Word Puzzle Game

Word Puzzle

This game boasts hundreds of word puzzles to give even the most seasoned player a run for his or her money. Some people will have to test the depths of their vocabulary to make it to the finish line.

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Two Sides Game

Two Sides

Challenge your brain and your reflexes to a dual in this fun brain testing your response time. Completing the instructions correctly can be tough on it’s own – but completing them quickly is even tougher!

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