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Do Brain Games Really Work?


Drugs That Can Cause Memory Loss Due to Side Effects

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Pattern Memory Game 2

Choosing Games Over Television

This day and age, almost everyone has at least one television. Some families have multiple televisions throughout their home. From cable to satellite, there are many options available for families to choose from. The sad reality of it is that […]

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ginseng supplement

Ginseng for Memory Loss

You’ve heard that ginseng can help with memory loss. Is that true? Let’s see what the research says. First off, what is ginseng? Ginseng is a plant that grows primarily in cooler climates and regions such as eastern Asia, but […]

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vitamin b6 benefits

Benefits of Vitamin B6

You’re looking for a vitamin that will help improve the way your brain functions. What should you get? Although it is commonly known that Vitamin B12 may help assist in improving cognitive abilities, studies show that Vitamin B6 is also […]

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Studying Student

Students Overestimate Learning Abilities

How much are you really learning? A recent study by UCLA shows that students not only underestimate the power of continual study and repetitions, but that they tend to overestimate their knowledge of material. Researchers conducted a study with a […]

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Music for Memory Improvemnt

Using Music for Better Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients

Can music help Alzheimer’s patients remember better? That’s what researchers are trying to find out. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common forms of dementia. Essentially, certain nerve cells in the brain die, making it difficult for the individual […]

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Memory Improvement With Blueberries?

If you haven’t been eating your fruits and veggies, now might be the time to start! Recent studies show that drinking blueberry juice can assist in memory improvement in older adults who may be suffering from age-related memory decline and […]

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Brain Games and Training

The Popularity of Brain Training with Games

You’ve seen the commercials touting that some video games or online games can help improve your brain. You’ve been tempted to try it for yourself. After all, who wouldn’t want better, faster brain functioning? But are these games really doing […]

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False Memories

How False Memories are Made

As much as our legal system depends on eye-witness testimonies, it is likely to be one of the more questionable sources for first-hand information. Why? Because humans can develop false memories, which are memories that never actually occurred. How does […]

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memory researcher

Researchers Locate “Master Switch” for Memory Recall

If you suffer from Alzheimer’s or if the disease runs genetically in your family, you know how important it is to find a treatment that can help slow the debilitating and disheartening effects of memory loss. Fortunately, there may be […]

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Take a Nap to Improve Memory

Taking a Nap May Improve Your Memory

You may feel guilty for taking a short nap sometimes, but research indicates that naps may actually help improve your memory. A recent study by Harvard researchers shows that when a person is faced with an activity challenge, then sent […]

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